Crystal Lips Are The New Fad That Too For All The Right Reasons

Contouring has ruled the vogue and runway for more than two years now, its  high time vanity world witnesses some change.
The world of fashion is forever evolving and make up and fashion go together like bread and butter. So, its about time to change our make up standards as well. With the runway on fire more than ever, innovation is at its peak. People have started appreciating new and unique ideas and are ready to try out new things. Things which will make them stand apart from the crowd. The designers have played an important role in this evolution. People are now adopting new styles and techniques of make up and fashion in their day to day lives. They are more accepting of new trends.


One of such innovation is by a NYC based make up artist Johannah Adams. When everybody was focusing on the traditional features of the face like eyes and cheekbones, one feature that can make a great difference in your look was being ignored. The lips, when highlighted can completely change your whole look. That’s what Johannah showed us with this stunning creation. It would be unfair to call it just “Makeup” when it is nothing short of art. She created a very loud, unique and creative look by incorporating lots of color, glitter and other techniques. She likes to call it as “The Crystal Lips”.

crystal-lip-art-makeup-beyou-byjoh-johannah-adams-10 Source

The inspiration for this bold look is a geode necklace, a friend gave her as a gift . She always have had a particular liking for that piece and its detailing. It had a gold and crystal texture with beautiful colors. The necklace was her inspiration and gave her an idea to try out a new lip art.


To create this breath taking look she used  heavy glitter, colored base and a clear gloss. Being a professional make up artist, her mastery in different make up techniques also came in handy and helped a lot. The crystals are made with a process of layering and mixing.  She starts by mixing the crystals, colors and clear gloss and evenly applies and distributes it on her lips. After that she adds loose crystals and press them on to create that crystallized appearance.

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