Cats And Showers Do Not Sound About Right Together! Or Do They? Meet Crystal!

Cat’s aversion to water is widely known fact but, in truth, not all cats feel the same about taking a dip. Most felines probably view swimming and bathing as spectator sports and the prospect of being caught in a thunderstorm with raindrops drenching their fur is unthinkable. Despite not enjoying a full immersion, many house cats are fascinated by water, dipping an exploring paw into the water bowl to scatter a few drops or running into the bathroom at the sound of a shower. This is a daring water-story of a Ragdoll feline named Crystal!
The 38 year old Paisley-born owner Andria Walker of this seven year old cat would have never imagined of her pet’s astonishing love for water. Andria, who was just out to grab a towel after a bath one day, was amazed when Crystal ran into the bathroom and jumped into the shower and had a long and satisfying bath. It has been a usual practice for the feline ever since.

Crystal sticks out its tongue and catches the water droplets from the shower

Crsytal likes to take a bath every morning and is really particular about its showering needs. It likes the water temperature just about right and does not settle for anything short of hot. Crystal also has an uncanny habit of sticking out her tongue and catching the droplets of water as they fall from the shower.
Ms. Walker is both amused and surprised by her cat’s actions and has made sure to videograph the bathing act. She has put many clips of her cat bathing on the internet.
Crystal loves the taste of water in her mouth and the feel of it on her fur

Andria, who is a part-time actress and lives with her husband John, says that her cat had always been interested in the shower without actually going in. She had been inching closer and closer, until about a week ago. It was now a daily morning ritual for the owner and the cat. Crystal’s obsession with water had grown fonder and it liked to be soaked at the end of each shower.
Andria Walker, the Paisley-based owner of the hydrophilic cat Crystal, says that her cat is obsessed with water and is relaxed while taking a shower
Andria Walker, the Paisley-based owner of the hydrophilic cat Crystal, says that her cat is obsessed with water and is relaxed while taking a shower

The owner also said that she took the video for the first time and Crystal had done it every day since. The cat is relaxed during the shower and simply loves it. The real work for the owner begins after the shower – drying it up. Crystal is wrapped in a towel and dried, which takes a lot of time. Ragdoll cats have a friendly and docile temperament which makes them seem floppy when picked up which makes the drying more challenging.
The reason why Andria is all the more amazed at this unuasual behaviour of Crystal is because she has two other cats from the same litter, Harley and Peaches, who simply hate anything with water just like other felines.
Watch the video of Crystal during bath-time here:
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