Daughter Finds A Secret ‘Death Notebook’ After Mother Passes Away. Find Out What's In It?


The demise of a loved one can wreck a havoc in a person’s life. It can make the person devoid of any emotions and even lifeless for quite some time before they start feeling joyous again. When the person is alive, we do not seem to care about them much or give them much importance, but as they pass away, their absence makes us realize their value. The loss of life is irreplaceable as no person can take the place of a loved one. This is the reason that makes us weep endlessly in grief stricken situations and there is nothing one can do to change the situation.
This is the story about Emily Philips who was a beloved wife, a mother, and a grandmother who passed away. She was the purest of all souls and showered her love on her family. There was not one person in her family who did not like her company. As she passed away, she left behind a gift for her family. It was a total secret, yet it was a present that would ensure that the smile on each family member stays intact.
Emily died of a fatal disease at the age of 69. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only a month later the family had her no more with them. To their surprise, the came across her obituary which was written by none other but Emily herself. Had it not been for her, the duty would have come down upon Bonnie, her daughter. Bonnie was extremely close to her mom and was gravely afflicted when she left. She felt that an obituary would not be enough to sum up her feelings for her mother as words did not have the power to express the deep love she felt for her.
Even though Emily’s demise was a sudden shock, her words came as a surprise not only to the family but also went viral throughout the nation.


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Bonnie Upright, Emily’s daughter revealed that she always knew that her mother had kept a secret diary. She had even given the binder a name and called it, “Emily’s Death Notebook.” Nobody but Bonnie was aware of this diary so she thought it to keep mum about it, at least till the time Emily was alive.
In the diary, Emily had left instructions for when she died. Death has always been looked upon as a thing of misery and sadness but she totally changed the outlook for her family members. She turned her obituary into a humorous incident, the way she would take her life, which is, – to live life to the fullest. No wonder, she was once crowned as a beauty queen!
Bonnie said, “I do find it surprising that she was able to work in the words ‘hiney’ and ‘naked’ in the obituary, that might have been a surprise. The fact that she did it, and she did it in context, is beautiful.”
The “Death Notebook” is a complete laughter riot and also contains stories and quips from the her life. Her words are a true reflection upon her childhood days and her family. The words are so strong and profound that they can melt anyone’s heart.
Certainly, there is nothing that can make up for Emily’s loss for her family. But she has proven to be the purveyor of unconditional love, which has moved Bonnie and her family to tears of happiness.
Bonnie even posted a note of thank you to the people who showered their love and blessings on Emily’s obituary.


Click here to read Emily’s full obituary. She will certainly crack you up in ways unimaginable!

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