This guy interviews his infant daughter. Her answers will leave you in splits.

Being a dad is probably one of the most amazing feelings in the world. The cuteness involved is totally irresistible, and you can’t help but agree. LaGuardia Cross, the lucky father to a superbly adorable daughter has been putting a spin on everything that being a new dad entails, and this latest one of his videos is absolute gold. Do check out his other videos on his YouTube channel New Father Chronicles.

Meanwhile, LaGuardia Cross decided to interview his 14-month old! Sounds like a waste of time? For those who think otherwise, this video is for you. And for those who don’t, I would like to request them to give it a try.

Our guy here records a conversation with his adorable little daughter Amalah where he asks her a bunch of burning question from “what makes this sound?” to “Do you have something that you would like to contribute to the family?”. Her answers are hilarious enough to make you laugh you asses out, we bet! Needless to mention how cute it is to see her answer like an intellectual!

Watch the video here.