Did you know Johnny Depp sold pens for a living? Check out what job other actors did before being famous.

Your favorite celebrity, probably, wasn’t as glamorous as he is today. In fact, most of Hollywood’s elites held regular jobs, just like us, before they made it big enough to be signed the 10 million dollar check. Their jobs were as ordinary as ours; from attorney to stripper to carpenter, they did it all, long before they became stars. What did your favorite star do? Read below for the list.

Brad Pittbrad-pitt-wallpapers1

The “Fight Club” actor’s life wasn’t a bed of roses before he shot to stardom with Seven (1995). Imagine walking around in a chicken suit, with evil kids ridiculing you all the time. That’s what the Hollywood heartthrob did for a living before making it into films.

Johnny Deppjohnny-depp-wallpaper-sunglass

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star worked as a sales executive before he made into films. Guess what he sold? Pens. That’s right. Johnny sold pens by phone, before his acting career kick-started.

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler

Acting was never on the cards for the sexy Gerard Butler before he got his break into Hollywood. Butler’s long sought dream was to make it to the courtroom, and as a matter of fact, he went to a law school and started working for a firm thereafter. His dream of being a lawyer came to shambles when he was fired shortly after joining the firm.

Michelle Pfeiffermichelle-pfeiffer

This sexy siren of “The Tequila Sunrise” fame wasn’t as lucky as most of her allies. Out Catwoman struggled to make ends meet, before making it big, by working as a cashier at a local grocery store in southern California. This was in the ‘70s.

Sandra Bullock

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The much loved, gorgeous Sandra Bullocks took acting classes and supported herself by doing petty jobs such as waitressing and bartending during the ‘90s, before winning and Oscar and acquiring the free-low in on-screen space. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in the mouth, you see.

Harrison FordHarrison_Ford_in_Indiana_Jones_and_the_Kingdom_of_the_Crystal_Skull_Wallpaper_2_800

We all love this “Indiana Jones” guy, don’t we? But, did you know Ford was a carpenter before he made it into acting? Well, Harrison picked up the craft in the late ‘60s, and worked on his furniture making forte before he himself got picked up for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars.

Jennifer Aniston20150108_HR_JENNIFER_ANISTON_0024

The former spouse of Brad Pitt, who rocked the screen with her role in “Friends”, used to work the phones as a telemarketer before she landed into her acting career. Even before that the star used to wait tables- Yes, you read it right. So much scope for a selfie shot, eh?

Channing TatumChanning-Tatum-10

Well, well, well! You have got every reason to feel jealous of those women who caught the Tatum dude in one of his stripping stints. For whole 8 months the Hollywood $ex siren worked as a stripper before making it into, well, Hollywood!

 Tom Cruiseoblivion_tom_cruise_movie-1280x960

The “Mission Impossible” heartthrob’s career aim in his teens was to become a priest. He even enrolled in a seminary to do so, but was asked to leave after allegedly sneaking in some alcohol, before acting and scientology found the way into his life. He would have made the cutest priest of the century, no?

Andrew GarfliedAndrew Garfield HD Wallpaper

The “Amazing Spider-Man” didn’t have that amazing a job back then. As a kid, Garfield started earning money by taking care of his family’s backyard. From mowing the lawn to pruning the hedges, the actor graduated to nothing bigger than a barista’s job in Starbucks before making it to Hollywood.