Did You Know Why Theatre Food Is So Costly? Know Why!

Bollywood, the largest film industry in the world, releases a record-breaking number of new films each year. With the advent in the multiplex culture, these movies can be found at the convenience of a single complex housing multiple theatre screens. The convenience, however, comes at price. And the price is not afforded by everybody these days.
You must have gone to a multiplex to watch movies with your friends or family. During the intermission, you must have also thought of buying that crunchy pack of popcorn or that alluring snack which your neighbour in the theatre was munching on to! But when you visit the food parlour (it would be a shame to call it a stall) and check out the menu card, you must have been taken aback by the exorbitant pricing of the food and you must have even returned back to your movie empty handed.
We investigated the actual reason as to what is the reason for such sky-high pricing of food at theatres/ multiplexes. And the reasons are actually more than one. Here we have them for you to understand what goes on inside.
1. Ninety percent of the revenue from tickets goes to the production company
Yes, you read it right. The multiplexes price the tickets at such high prices already and they claim that 90% of the profit generated from ticket selling fills the pockets of the production companies of the films. Now they say that they have invested so much in opening up the huge multiplex and how are they supposed to make up for that investment. There are not many options they have and increasing the cost of food items being sold within the theatre seems to be the most cost-effective to them.

Ninety percent of the collection from box office goes to production companies

2. How can we make up for the investment made on getting food parlours inside
Usually, third party contractors are employed who rent these food parlours who keep the quality of food high, because that is what customers demand. Now if the quality of food goes up, the pricing also goes up. Thus, the higher cost is at the liberty of a higher quality of food items that is being made available.
Food parlours at the multiplexes are rented by third party contractors who keep the food cost high to make up for the investment

3. The ‘customer’ is himself responsible
As previously iterated, the customer wants quality these days. And quality comes at a price. Which can go from anywhere between 2 to 7 times the normal cost of a food item. The theatre people tried explaining it this way: ‘If you can afford a ticket worth 350 bucks per head, can you not shell out a humble 120 bucks for the coke and a meagre 180 bucks for that popcorn tub which will only make your time out memorable?’
The customer is himself responsible who wants quality food even if that means shelling out a few extra bucks

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