Did You Think Only You Did These Things? Nope, We All Do!

There are some things that when we realize others do them too, we are like, “really? So I am not the only one? Well, what a relief!” here are a few of these!

1. When You Don’t Buy Anything At A Shop:


Do you feel like you did something wrong? Even though we are not under any contract to buy something from every shop we visit, we feel guilty if we leave empty handed!

2. Terrible Showers:


Don’t you all hate showers that seem to go from “hellish hot” to “freezing cold” when you move the dial half an inch? Where is the normal water temperature?

3. Being Always Hungry:


It sucks when you just ate but you feel hungry. Again! But hey it happens to everyone.

4. High Plans, Low Cash:


When you are low on cash but really in a party mood, what do you do? Buying cheap wine is not so much fun, but hey, what option do you have? Learning to have fun with a low amount of cash is quite an art!

5. Being Unable To Eat Without TV:


Are you addicted to movies and TV shows so much that you can’t eat unless there is something good on the TV? You’re not the only one. Eating is just no fun unless accompanied by a good movie!

6. Realizing That Your Childhood Was Tough!


After all, you did not have ankle socks like the kids of today! You had to cut your regular socks to create ankle ones.

7. Setting A Hundred Alarms:


Because one alarm is just not enough to wake you up. You need at least 10 different alarms, each 10 minutes apart, to wake you from slumber.

8. Asking Friends For Advice:


If you regularly screenshot your texts and send them to your friend, asking them what to reply, again, you are not the only one!

9. Working At The Last Moment:

9You only start working on an assignment or an exam when it is due the very next day, and then you curse yourself for wasting time.

10. Wanting To Be Alone:


Sometimes, you just want to go in hibernation mode and even wear headphones so people don’t try to talk to you!

11. Thinking Naughty Things:


Nasty thoughts while praying means you gotta pray again!

12. Taking Health For Granted:


When you are sick, you miss the time when you were healthy and promise to take better care of your health.