She applied this Homemade mixture for Straight Hair- Result will make you try it Right away

Who does not like the appeal of straight hair? The beauty about them is that there always is a possibility to shape them in whatever hairstyle, with the minimum of fuss. And if you do not wish to make a certain hair style out of it, just let it open loose and VOILA!! You are done looking glamorous! But the sad part here is that just a very small percentage of people are blessed with naturally straight hair.
But worry not, as we have a sure shot remedy that will bring all that frizz down and say goodbye to waves and curls, for this DIY hair straightening mask ensures that straight hair is here to stay!

Ingredients required for the remedy:
1 Cup thick and fresh coconut milk
2 Table spoons of olive oil
4 table spoons of Lemon juice
3 Table spoons of cornstarch
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