Do You Think The Indian Passport Should Be Redesigned?

Indian passport is one of the most important documents that an Indian can own and use for their identity. Even though it is a proud feeling to own one and get many stamps on its pages, a person can’t do just with having a passport as you need visas as well to travel abroad. This Indian document is not as flamboyant as the ones of other countries, so some people feel that it should be redesigned.
What people have to say:
“Yes, I think it can be enhanced. The Indian passport booklet should be designed like a synopsis of everything beautiful about India. It should highlight mountains, rivers, deserts, coastline, festivals, religions as well as all our states and their uniqueness.”
“Yes, i agree, it’s overdue for Indian passport to have a new look with better secure features. Glad to note that some of our youngsters are serious about it.”


These are few reasons why the Indian passport needs to be redesigned.
1. Visibility

The color of the Indian Passport is too dull and dark which can be made to a lighter tone. Experimenting with the colors once in a while will do no harm to it.

“We’ve all misplaced them from time to time, therefore changing the color to a little light color (from jet black to navy blue) will make it easy to be seen in the dark or anywhere else.”


2. Security Features

Our passport needs to be more reliable and more secure, so there is a need for better security features. These features can include Retina Scan, DNA fingerprinting, etc, which can make it a more powerful document. It would make our passport more secure and reliable.


3. Appearance

To make the Indian Passport stand out of the rest, its appearance needs to be enhanced and its emblem must be changed. Also as Hindi is the national language, proper Hindi terms and names should be used for the passport, for example, “पारपत्र” could be a better change.

“The Emblem should be larger and the letters in bold, something like this.”


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