He was once a Street dog and slept in a Cardboard box his state moments later will shock you!

Little dogs are adorable, unless they are found on the streets. Stray dogs live a far more miserable life, compared to their “luxurious breed” counterparts. People with pet dogs love to flaunt that their dogs are Labradors, or poodles or Saint Bernard, but that is not the case with stray digs. Even if someone does help a little being on the streets, taking them to their house is too much a stray dog can ask for.
Today we bring to you, one such story of Buzu.
Buzu was a stray do, living in the streets. No one knew where he came from or where his family was. Some kind person gave a cushion, feeding bowl and a cardboard box to the pup to live in.
Buzu would roam around streets all day – looking for some attention, some love for someone to hold him and play ‘Fetch’ with him, but people moved past him as if he was invisible, as if he just did not exist. He saw people walk their ‘pet dogs’ and went after them, in search of friendship from the dog or from people, all in vain.
He got a cold shrug from people around him even if he tried to go them on his own. He roamed the streets disappointed, playing by himself to make himself feel better, to give his own self some company.
A few days later, the cushion and bowl also had vanished. His only comfort was the cardboard box lying on the streets that he managed to call his home.
His life was miserable, just until a team of rescuers sighted him. He refused to be friends with them, as if he had given it all up!
But they offered him some biscuits which the hungry pup took willingly and that are how he became friends with the rescuers. The rescuers took him with them in the car to their facility.
Buzu now saw a new life, a better life! He took a bath, probably for the first time, he found new friends and would play with them. He was now a lot happier and began to grow well in a matter of time, he showed the rescuers his first SMILE!!!
Watch Buzu’s 360 degree transformation in the video here:

Stray dogs are also living beings and deserve a lot of love and care. Do not shy away from adopting one. Spread this message among your friends and help Buzu find a new, loving and caring home.
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