15 Dogs That Fought Hard For Their Pizza!

Pizza is the go to option for most of us when we cant decide what we wanna eat. Even when it is bad, it is still a pretty good pizza.The crispy crust, the yummy toppings, the amazing sauces and the cheese that holds it together. Damn, I am already drooling over the very thought of it. But, do you know what is the best part about pizza? It is that everyone loves it. Be it kids or adults or the elderly. And, as it turns out, even our dogs love it. Maybe even more so than they love you.Do not believe me? Check these dogs out for yourself.


#1 A Pizza A Day Keeps The Vet Away!

Hooman, keep the pizzzaaaa coming,  and we will never have to see that damn vet again.!

#2 When You Smell Peeezzzzaa And Your Eyes Go Beyond Wide!

This is why I keep you hooman, you are a good butler!

#3 Salve, Signore, You Must Come To My Pizzeria!

This mine! My granpa left for me, in his last testament!

#4 Om Nom Nom!

I like it, but isn’t the crust a little paper like?
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