Donald Trump has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. We give you a few more reasons to hate the man.

Donald Trump, the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party in the much awaited 2016 elections, who is also an American business entrepreneur, author, investor and a television personality, geared up an unavoidable outrage against him with his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States. With polls conducted about the elections, a recent one says, the minorities are lining up behind Trump.

Here are a few facts that you would like to know about Donald Trump!

Trump earned his wealth

Yes, he did inherit wealth from his father, but Donald Trump worked to accumulate the great wealth he owns today. His father was into real estate, building affordable housing, majorly in Brooklyn and Queens in NYC. His wealth of $250 to $400 million was to be shared among his 4 surviving children. In 2011, Trump had earned 4.1 billion dollars, and now it is estimated as $7 billion.


Trump went to a Military School

At the age of 13, Trump was moved from Kew Forest School, Queens, to the New York Military Academy. Before he graduated in the year 1964, Trump excelled in the academics, and also played 3 varsity sports.


Trump’s sister was a court judge

President Bill Clinton nominated Maryanne Trump Barry, as the federal appeals court judge in 1991. The senate too confirmed the same all the way. She had a seat in the United States District Court(New Jersey District) before she became a judge in 1991.

US property tycoon Donald Trump (L) is pictured with his sister Maryanne Trump Barry as they adjourn for lunch during a public inquiry over his plans to build a golf resort near Aberdeen, at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference centre, Scotland, on June 10, 2008. Trump wants to build a giant complex on the Scottish east coast near Aberdeen, but has run into opposition from environmentalists and a local farmer who refuses to budge. The Scottish government has called for a full public inquiry into the plans. AFP PHOTO/Ed Jones (Photo credit should read ED Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

He collects Bible

Trump told in CBN during 2012, that he gets Bible as gifts from fans. And he keeps them all in a nice place. Trump is so attached to his religion that he says he can never do anything negative to a Bible. He feels great to get so many Bibles from his friends. Also, he sends them as gifts to others, or stores them with great caution.


Trump is a Presbyterian

Trump acclaims that he is a Sunday Church person, and also he never misses Christmas, Easter and any other special occasion. He is a Presbyterian and is much attached to his religion.


Trump is a master of his language

Imageries are part of Trump’s sentences. These make his sentences impressive, and his audience feels what he says. Even his short sentences have a big picture.ap434196453400

For him problems are possibilities

Welfare hotels, abandoned buildings threatened many of the business owners, and they lost their fortunes when New York City was dwelling in problems. But Trump considered them as challenges. He is an optimist and took advantage of the scenario.


Trump is never scared of losing

Have you heard the quote from Bhagavad Gita, “Do your duty, and don’t expect anything”? What Trump says is similar. Do not get scared of the results, and stay off from doing what you are supposed to do for the fear of losing. Do your thing, stand to the ground, and let the results happens as it has to happen. He is never scared of losing.