Bet, you never knew what your dreams actually interpret, before reading this.

Dreams! Well, they can be bad and good too, they can be scary or healthy as well. Actually, we have no control over our dreams as they are like messages from our unconscious mind. Fortunately, due to so many theories and human anxiety, we can now study our dreams and draw out several different meaning out of them.
Different dreams have different meanings, there is no specific rulebook about which dream interprets what. All dreams are different and have their own meaning; sometimes they scare us and sometimes they make us feel fresh and happy.
So here are some of the dreams with their hidden meanings:
Animals in dream :image-1-5_800x500
Seeing animals in your dream represents that a part of you feels connected to nature and survival. Also, if it’s like you are being chased by a predator, it tells that you are hiding or holding back your fear or aggression.
Babies love in Dream :
Babies in your dream symbolize your desire to have an offspring or it may also showcase your need to be loved like a baby! At times, it also signifies a need of new start in life. So having babies in the dream makes you happy and leaves a cute smile on your face.
Crosses in Dream :image 3
Crosses in your dream indicate your religious beliefs. It shows you interpret things according to your religious beliefs. Some people interpret it as a symbol of death, balance or end of one phase of life. Its interpretation depends on the specific situations and circumstances.
Exams in Dream :image 4
Exam signifies the desire of self-evaluation; sometimes it can be a fear too. It generally reflects the part of your personality. For instance- once I had a dream of being evaluated in front of my parents about my secrets.
Death in Dream : 
image 5
Death is the most common recorded dream and it has so many interpretations. The death of a friend or loved one indicates change which can be a beginning or an end. Death is not a psychic prediction of anything.
Demons in Dream :image6
Demons are the scariest dreams. They are evil entities which signify repressed emotions. Also, by such dreams, you may secretly feel the need to change your behaviour to make it better. A demon also represents danger.
Houses in Dream :image 7
Houses in dreams are very soothing and refreshing. It showcases the desire to have the best house in your unconscious mind. The building as a whole represents your inner psyche. Each room and floor of your dream house symbolize different emotions and feelings attached to them.
Marriage in Dream :image 8
Marriage dreams show your desire to get married or it may also mean your desire of merging feminine and masculine parts of your psyche. Marriage dreams are not scary dreams! They are happy going dreams.
Roads in Dream :image 9
Roads convey your direction in life. They may also indicate that this is the perfect time to question your current “life path”. Roads also help you to determine your future goals.
Being Trapped in Dream :
image 10
Being trapped somewhere is a common nightmare. It reflects your inability to come out or escape from a situation.