Embarrassing Things Every Pregnant Lady Has Done

Pregnancy can be a stressful time. With the emotional instability, the constant backache and heartburn, things can get pretty tough. This is why pregnant ladies sometimes do things that they wouldn’t in normal circumstances. And really, who can blame them?

1 – Unbuttoned jeans:


The protruding tummy sometimes gets so uncomfortable that these women will do anything to feel better, even keeping their jeans unbuttoned for the whole day.

2 – Not shaving:

When they already feel so unattractive shaving seems like an unnecessary hassle.

3 – Not bending to pick things up:


Bending down is such a pain, it is better to just let things stay on the floor if they have fallen down. And if there is a spill? Better to just cover it with a cloth rather than bending down to clean it up.

4 – Some shoes are impossible to wear:


Even if they are the absolute favorite, swollen feet can make it impossible to wear certain shoes. Say goodbye to high heels and slim stilettos!

5 – Incontinence is terrible:


Peeing a little while coughing or sneezing becomes a norm. It sucks, but that is how it is.

6 – Crying becomes a common thing:


There are so many physical problems in pregnancy, it can get very tiring. Also, mood swings are a real problem. This is why pregnant ladies spent so much of their time crying.

7 – Made sure everyone knows it is pregnancy, not just fat:


Women who are pregnant often walk with their hands under their bellies, or tend to waddle. They just want everyone to know that they are pregnant and not just fat!

8 – Forgetting vitamin supplements:


The doctor insists that every pregnant woman must take daily iron, calcium and vitamins. But how many really do?

9 – Conversations with baby:

Hey, surely he can listen! Even if he is inside the belly!

10 – Eating all the time:


Ice-cream becomes an all-time favorite snack. And pregnant women tend to eat a lot! After all they are now eating for two, or so they say.

11 – Becoming lazy:

If some task seems unpleasant, or boring, simply saying, “I’m pregnant!” is a legit excuse to not work.

12 – Blaming hormones for everything:


No matter what they do wrong, they always have one single excuse – hormones!