Every Pregnant Woman Must Know These Car Safety Tips For Driving

Entering motherhood is not easy, right from the point a lady conceives a baby. A pregnant woman has to take care of every minute thing in order to keep her baby healthy and safe. Many doctors advise women not to travel in this period as it can have an effect on your child before it is even born. Still if you can’t avoid driving, this post will make you aware of the safest and most correct ways to drive.

1. Driving Less or Try Not to Drive

Driving in the initial few months of your pregnancy will do no harm to your health. Though, gradually with time as your baby bump increases, you need to refrain from driving. Especially, in the last trimester when the bump has visually increased in size, you simply need to STOP driving; unless of course, it is extremely necessary. The closer the steering wheel is to your stomach, the easier it is to get hurt, even in a small fender bender.


2. Wear Seat Belt Correctly

In case you feel the need to drive, do it carefully while wearing the seat belt. You don’t want the seat belt to be a reason for any kind of an injury to your baby so make sure to wear it in a proper manner. DON’T wear the belt over the stomach as in case of any kind of a mishap, it can harm your infant. Make the belt go under and around the belly (like it is shown in the image), so that there is no stretch on it.


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