5 Exclusive Airline Services That Will Be Appreciated By Passengers

Since the advent of budget airlines, air travel has become a common affair and extremely affordable for most people. Once upon a time travelling by air was a luxury which has slowly turned into a necessity because business around the world has boomed which requires people to travel constantly and also because tourism has increased manifold times. Budget airlines allow you to reach your destination at the right time but the experience is extremely bland. They don’t offer fancy multi-cuisine meals and high end booze. The frequency of the service is not as much as what it used to be in the 90’s. Since most airlines have curtailed these luxuries there are a few exceptions where some airlines offer some unique services that please the passengers to no limit. Also these comforts don’t come for free, one needs to shell out that extra penny to enjoy them.

1. VietJet Air, airline with bikini attired air hostesses.

airline 1
The CEO of VietJet Aviation, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao was the first person to come up with this attractive brilliant idea to attract stag males to travel more frequently in her airline. This was a strong business initiative by her which generated immense wealth for her and made her a billionaire.

2. The n**e German Airlines.airline 2

Mostly couples enjoy travelling freely in these airlines. Germans given their nature don’t get defamed when it comes to nudity. These flights most take people for a summer excursion to the Baltic sea from Erfurt, a German city.

3. Wow Airways, have planes pink in color.

airline 3
This Iceland airlines which recently came out with new airbus A330’s have named their planes “TF-GAY.” These airlines have a strong association with the gay association in the United States Of America.
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