Facebook Can Ruin Relationships – Here are Ten ways!

We couldn’t have imagine 5 years back, that after few years surfing internet would become one of our priorities, or worse, the only priority. Social media, these days has been boosted up so much that people like to talk online rather than spending time personally. We are now living in an absurd era, where the calls are free but the food for the poor isn’t. People waste their money in getting their mobile data pack full but do not utilize a single penny to get food for a beggar. Sad, isn’t it? But the major drawback of being utterly obsessed with FB is the sabotaging relationships.
Following are the 10 ways how FB can ruin relationships.
1. Relationship status
The most irritating thing about Facebook is the relationship status, as for some people putting their relationship status as ‘ committed’ is the first stepping stone of the relationship. There are people who don’t like someone intruding in their privacy, but for the sake of their relationship, they change their status, which becomes a major issue if they family members come to know about it.


2. Increases jealousy
If your partner is an extrovert and loves to party, then his/her pictures with the opposite $ex can also pave a path towards devastation. It rather increases jealousy which gives rise to major conflicts.


3. It’s addictive
A well known fact about FB is that it is addictive. People spy on each other and become addicted to posts and pages on Facebook. People often waste a lot of time in getting likes on their pictures. Thus they should limit their usage.


4. Takes up quality time
In a relationship, the most important factor is time. Facebook eats the quality time of them as the couples are wasting time by scrolling the news feed and liking random pictures. A couple should spend time with each other personally rather than talking to each other online.


5. Prevents Development
Let’s take a situation. A couple is spending quality time with each other and suddenly their mobile pings with a notificationon FB. Now they immediately go through the notification rather than leaving it for afterwards. This habit can ruin your relationship to a great extent.
Man and a woman sit distantly on the ends of a cream colored love seat. Horizontal shot.


6. Damages real- life interactions
One of the most important factor in a relationship is communication. Nowadays, people communicate through the virtual world rather than having interactions personally. Doing this can lead to misunderstandings. So, a couple should focus on living in the real world rather than living in a fictional one.


7. Increases the chances of bullying
Facebook is a platform where anyone can voice out their opinion about someone they don’t like. They can use negative comments on people which can further lead to criticism and bullying. This can affect the relationship as the partner who is being bullied will feel inferior.


8. Discovering your partner’s inbox
Digging into each other’s inbox is the most absurd thing you can do while being in a relationship, because when the other discovers the fact that you have been through their inbox, they lose trust on you and trust becomes a major issue.


9. Messages from past
A couple demolishes each other’s present by bringing up stuffs from the past. There’s probably a reason why past is known by that name, because it is not meant to disturb the beautiful present which can ultimately lead to a good future. You must trust your partner and you should stop ruining your relationship by mentioning about your past.


10. Increases insecurities
Likes and comments from random people increases insecurities within the mind of a person. Also, uploading pictures with opposite $ex also creates insecurities. Therefore, you should stick to your partner rather than creating insecurities in their minds.