7 facts about India that you should never know as a foreigner.

India, a democratic country, is popular worldwide for its culture and ethnicity. But, citizens of India are running towards culture and traditions keeping the weights of hypocrisy on their heads. India is fast moving forward towards westernization, but it has been pulled packed, time and again, by the hypocritical rituals and sensationalized and overly dramatic sentiments!

Here is the list of things that you should NEVER know about our Incredible India!


India is a “sovereign socialist secular, democratic republic” where everyone has the given right to express his views. But, who cares what’s guaranteed to us by the constitution? From porn to beef, documentaries to Maggie, the list of banned movies in India shouldn’t even be counted, well because, the “religious sentiments” of us Indians are so volatile that can get hurt any moment it wants! People like Taslima Nasrin or Sulman Rushdie were banned for the same reasons.



Politicians and Public always thrive for removing corruption. People wholeheartedly supported Anna Hazare when he stood against corruption. But, they never stay back from instigating bribery to the police when caught just to save some money. Every time you get caught up for over speeding, not wearing seat-belts, you always have a 100 rupee note to offer, don’t you? Well then, you shouldn’t complain about the corruption in that case, because you are very much a part of it!



On-screen smoking is banned by the Film Censor Board of India as it instigates this deadly habit among children. But, cigarettes are sold and taken openly. Children cannot only imitate their favorite hero but also the people around.

Indians keep preaching about love and affection among different cultures and communities. But, they never allow their sons or daughters to marry in a different community. The moral police also beat up couples on Valentine’s Day claiming it to be against our traditions.  No matter how fast India is moving towards modernization, Indians will never put down these weights of caste and creed.Untitled-1


Women Empowerment is promoted on a large scale in India. But, wives and daughters are hampered badly. Even the cows are worshiped here religiously and woman of the house is treated worse than the animals. Sex equality is a burning issue in the country but males have always dominated the society. Boys are always taught to get good jobs but daughters are always taught to get good husbands first, and education comes after. Daughters are restricted from moving out so as to save them from rapists but sons are never taught to respect women.



White and black discrimination is strongly discouraged and people revolt against racism. But, people keep differentiating between north and south Indians. Also, they call people of different culture and languages with derogatory names. People from North-eastern states of India suffer the most from racial discrimination in other parts of the country.



Indians have always shown apathy toward animals. Cows are holy, monkeys are put up in the circus, elephants are pulled away from their mothers to be used at tourist sites and rest of the animal kingdom is slaughtered to fulfill human needs. NGO’s are working for the welfare of animal kingdom but the behavior of Indians towards animals is sickening. Feeling sad about it right,? Women are treated even worse!



Oh, the guardians of our country! You know what qualifies you for being one? Well, a few charges against some insignificant crimes like molestation, harassment or corruption coupled with a spectacular brain which just knows how to prove that the cause of rape is women wearing jeans, or well eating Noodles!! They can come up with the most creative and insightful thoughts and get away with them just like that! Nothing going wrong against them, you want to why, well because they are chosen by us! We have placed them on a pedestal to speak whatever they want!!