Farmington Police Department hands out a whole new type of ticket. It's so cool!

Well, this one is for those who have survived the horrors of getting a ticket from a police officer. While there is nothing unusual about receiving a ticket from the traffic patrol; what if someday you get a totally different kind of ticket from a policeman— something that buys you a pizza for free? Puzzled? Read on for something really amazing from the Farmington Police Department.

The FPD has come up with a whole new ingenious idea of rewarding law abiding citizens for making their job a little bit easier. While law breakers face severe punishment in this little town of New Hampshire, the law abiding counterparts are awarded with gift cards with which the folks can buy a slice of pizza or a serving of French fries totally free of cost. Now, isn’t that awesome?

So, how can a person get one of those gift cards? The answer is pretty simple. All you need to do is to do what you should have been doing anyway… a free lunch courtesy of the boys in blue is all yours! So far the Farmington Police Department has issued more than 30 tickets good for slice of pizza or French fries. I just hope they start adding doughnuts to the deal, as well.

Watch the video below.