This father tries to put his daughter to sleep. If only he knew he was getting into an inescapable trap!

As if marriage wasn’t a challenge tough enough, this guy went a step ahead by giving birth to an adorable little daughter. And to add fuel to fire, he even went on to being the favorite parent of the baby. The consequence was inevitable.

While the baby monitor is supposed to keep track of the baby’s activities, this precise one records something you have never seen before. And trust me when I say, it’s hilarious.

The baby got into a crying fit in the middle of the night. And when the loving father could take it no more, he got off his bed to put the baby back to sleep. Now, what seemed like one of the easiest tasks to do, took a different turn when the baby refused to hit the sack. The dad immediately thought of a plan which, to his dismay, backfired.

It was too late by the time the dad realized his mistake. There is no escape for him now. The video is from 2009 and we fear the dad is still stuck in there.

Just in case you are curious to see what really happened that fateful night, we have the video posted right below. It’s scary!!!