Find Out What Is So Special About This Kitten With A Special Paw!

God has made all living beings equal, yet there are some who are a little more special than the rest. Meet Lobstah, an extremely adorable kitten. He is no ordinary cat as  he had that extra special bit which made him stand out from the rest. Read further to unveil what was so special about him.
Lobstah was born with the same features just like any other ordinary cat have. The same enchanting eyes, big and sharp whiskers, charming white and brown color, a teeny weeny cute nose, and two arms and two legs. But what made it different was that it was born with a claw that resembled the claws of a lobster. If one looked at the cat, none would say that there is something unusual about it, until they saw the claw. But even the claw was not enough to surprise them.
From the outside, Lobstah seemed to be a perfectly normal kitty who would walk, run or play like any other cat. But inside, it was fighting a war with its own self. Not only did it have an unusual claw, but it also has a crooked tail as it did not have a pericardial sac or a sternum. This sternum is a sac which is fluid-filled and is an essential as it protects the heart. There would be many people who would like to adopt Lobstah, but as and when they come to know about its reality, they would withdraw from this idea. Fortunately, it was adopted by animal care when he was only few months old.
Image Credit: Lobstah The Cat
The San Francisco Animal Care and Control center cared for Lobstah after they found him abandoned. He was merely a 4 months old kitten when it was found. The animal care had provided him with all the facilities required to lead a healthy life. But due to its physical deficiencies, he had a difficulty using the litter box. Furthermore, he stopped  drinking or eating as he faced a lot of trouble even while breathing.


Image Credit: Lobstah The Cat