This Footage Of A Dog Pretending to be Dead Might Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

Unbelievable, But animals too can enact and pretend!!
Yup, you read that just right! What we are just about to share with you is not only crazy, or unbelievable but also a hilarity riot!!
So here we have this dog who loves being in an open space, a park/ Garden where he can just laze around, flex his muscles, twist and turn his body, meet his besties and of course get to breathe some fresh air.
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So when his time at the park was up, and his caretaker decided to take him back home, this Golden Retriever not only gave his master a tough time, he actually flopped down on the ground as if he was breathing his last. Man… This Mutt can sure give these Hollywood and Bollywood actors a run for their money!
It just goes to show how much these pets enjoy their ‘ME’ time in the open. But then, to this dogs surprise, his care taker saw through it. It seems like this wasn’t the first time he had shown his acting skills to his caretaker. The man tried to lift him up… But alas… that ain’t easy when one is acting dead, and refuses to lighten up and even let a limb move!
So by now this chap knows the key to waking the dead.
And he brings it on.
well… for that you will have to watch the video as we do not want to describe it and ruin the actual fun for you!!
So to watch the entire video, visit the link here under:

It was none other than the stick trick.
He produced the stick, and it worked, It really did!!!
All he did was show him a small stick, the dog not only came alive….he was dancing his way out of the park, barking to glory.
If you ask me where this crazy episode happened….i can’t actually tell, But this video  was  uploaded  on You tube and this seems to have happened at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia.
Well you have to admit that it takes some skills to throw this kind of an episode. That Dog is super talented to have pulled up a performance like this.
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