This is NOT how you get the cat off the tree: A Guide for Dummies.

Well, well, well. I have never known rescuing a cat takes so much effort. So, when this guy tried to get this cat off the tree, I was literally amazed with the stunts he pulled in order to save the cat… This is insane, I tell you.

I suppose the fire brigade was not available at that time of the night, so when the kitty got stuck in a tree in the freezing cold, this Russian neighborhood had no choice but to rely on this soldier, albeit a very dumb one, who with all his military demeanor convinced the folks that he has certain tricks up his sleeve that would get the cat off the tree in no time. The funny part is, he managed to break a window, cut down the entire tree, and almost severe the power lines, but failed to do one thing that was expected from him, i.e., to bring the kitty back to its owner.

I am not big on watching Russian videos but this one caught my interest the moment I clicked the play button. His first idea to throw a bottle of water, tied to a clothes line, with a view to rescue the cat gave me the impression that this was going to be a good one. And I’m glad I watched it till the end.

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