What this Girl did when She Found a Newborn Kitten is Amazing!!

On a rainy day, somewhere  In Auckland , New Zealand, Kathryn Van Beek was rushing home hurriedly. On the pathway just close to her house she noticed a small tiny creature all drenched. Initially her reaction was to ignore and move on as she much thought of it as a rat.
But on a closer, second look, she realized that it was actually a tiny little kitten. The poor kitten was all drenched and was shivering in cold. It still had its umbilical cord attached to it, clearly indicating that she was a new born infant and was definitely very weak to thrive in this horrendous weather.
Kathryn soon lost herself in its plight and knew she had to do something about it.
So the next thing we know is that she carried the little thing home with her. She then toweled it dry and kept it in a warm spot in her room. She soon found herself calling him Bruce, after Bruce Wayne and smiled to him. She kind of loved the name!
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Bruce was nurtured and taken care of like a mother by Kathryn from that day onward. Days passed quickly and before they realized, it was 12 days since Bruce first met Kathryn! It was a newborn and still hadn’t opened his eyes, while he weighed only a tepid 100 Gms.
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When finally the day arrives …
And our little Bruce opens his innocent and beautiful eyes. He sees the world and yawns.
And before you wonder what next…
Soon enough, he’s eating his meals all by himself.
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And the proud mother, Kathryn is doing everything in her capacity to keep Bruce protected and warm.
One really can’t say she didn’t. She really did a splendid job as Bruce after nine weeks was all bouncy, fluffy and playful little kitten. He had a great personality which was blooming out day by day.
And guess what…he was weighing a fantastic 2 pounds already.
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And would you believe it…he also has a Facebook page which is gaining popularity day by day…and  has taken the internet by storm!
Now you know and I’m sure you believe it too, that love has no language.
Had it not been for Kathryn, this young fellow wouldn’t have made it. Aren’t we all glad and proud of Kathryn. She took the humanity road and gave life another chance.
Way to go Kathryn…way to go Bruce!!
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