This Girl Went To The Dentist For A Surgery, When She Returned, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

One of the worst fears that most of us have is that of a zombie apocalypse. Imagine, thousands of zombies walking the streets of your town, brain dead, blood thirsty, cannibal and murderous! *Shudders* Okay, some of you might think that it is a work of fiction and would therefore not be worried. But how do you think you would react when you got the news of a zombie apocalypse when you are not in your senses. That is exactly what happened with poor little Millicent over here.

Worst Nightmare Come True: Zombie Apocalypse

Millicent Phillips, of Washington D.C, needed to get her wisdom tooth removed. So when she went in to the dentist’s place, she had no idea what was going to happen. She was scared because of the medical procedure that was to come.
To remove the tooth she needed to be drugged, to help with the pain. But to her brothers Cabot, Hudson and Barrett saw in this a wonderful opportunity to pull the perfect prank on their disorientated sister.
After the procedure, she seemed visibly disoriented. She is seen talking to a stuffed toy, sounding really amusing. The cotton in her mouth was adding to the effect. Soon the video shifts to Millicent and her brother driving away in their car.
An emergency broadcast from the Center for Disease Control played on the radio. ‘State and local official have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism’ said the statement asking people to stay in place.
Surprisingly, even their mother is in on the prank, as she calls them to tell that even she heard the broadcast and wants them to come home as soon as possible. What follows is hilarious, as Millicent, who is totally high on the medication, adapts to the now violent surroundings and comes up with some really funny lines.
Lines like “We are not the U.S. Marines, why can’t we just start going now?” show how frantic the situation really is. The elaborate prank then involves their other brother Barret or ‘Barry’ who starts piling stuff into the car.
Things get beyond hilarious when Millicent comes up with lines like ‘We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?’ when her brother stopped to put some tools in the boot.
However, the highlight of the video is when her brother tells her that they can take only one pet with them and then asks her which one should they take. ‘The cat, you idiot!’ is the reply she screams out and when asked, what about the dog, she replies ‘He’s the worst. He’s already dying. Just leave him, get the cat’.
Her brother tells her that their father is in Las Vegas and is closer to Mexico, so he will meet them there. But when he asks her about how good is her Spanish from high school, all she can manage is ‘I can say pants…’.
The cruel prank clearly works successfully on Millicent as she is convinced that there is a zombie apocalypse coming. She is almost crying when she says lines like ‘Why do we need that if there’s zombies coming’.
She is clearly under a lot of stress when she starts wailing, saying why does she have to be the one taking all decisions. Finally after driving around a while longer the cruel brothers revealed that it was all a prank, to the amazement of their little sister. They end the video while they are still left in splits.
The hilarious has video, that was uploaded by Cabot on Monday, has received almost 5 million views. A lot of commentators have shared the opinion that Millicent was remarkable calm and on top of things through all this and that she would be a great companion during a zombie apocalypse. At the same time, some of the commentators have claimed the video to be scripted and acted out. While the jury remains out for that, don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.
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Watch the video below of the amazing zombie apocalypse prank!