Girl Reveals What Happens When The Large Intestine Is Removed Due To Crohn’s Disease

Aimee, a severe sufferer of Crohn’s disease had been in enormous amount of pain for  a long time. The disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease which effects the entire digestive system. Due to the ailment she had multiple mouth ulcers, open wounds, fatigue and constant stomach cramps.
Aimee reports, “I’d had severe Crohn’s for a very long time and wasn’t responding to any medicinal treatments.”
“Eventually, I got so bad that surgery was the only way to save me.”
She decided to get herself operated and underwent a surgery for an ileostomy. The surgery involved bringing her small bowel to the outside of her abdomen and covering it with an ilestomy bag which serves the purpose of collecting waste and reconstituting surgery on her backside.
It had to be done as she was left her open wounds that were large in size and they wouldn’t heal over by themselves. In order to cover them, her inner thigh muscles were used.
Aimee said, “It was horrible before my surgery, I was in extreme pain from the wounds and I could hardly walk or take much food in at all so I was severely underweight.”
“My Crohn’s has always been quite bad and not many people will get to the point I did at such a young age.”


Aimee wants all the other sufferers to know that they are not alone fighting this war. For this she wrote posts on Facebook which have received over 12,000 likes and 4,000 shares.
She writes, “My Crohn’s has left me with a permanent ileostomy, no large intestine, colon, rectum, anus, or inner thigh muscles as they were used for plastic surgery on my wounds.”

“I’ve always been okay with the stuff that has happened to me, but some people have real difficulties accepting these things so I just want to say this: No one will know unless you tell them.”
“People who know will still love you and still find you beautiful. Your illness is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.”
The posts have received few negative responses, but Aimee wants to focus only on the positive ones to encourage more people.

Se exclaims, “I was inspired to write my post because I don’t see much awareness for Crohn’s and other invisible illnesses, often people assume that all I’ve had to deal with is a little stomach ache – when in fact, this disease nearly killed me.”
“I wanted to show people that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and that we should accept and love ourselves no matter what.”

She has not achieved what she set out to do but has also noticed an incredible change in herself.
Aimee said, “I’ve never really been a very confident person so the bag made no difference initially, but I actually feel much more confident in myself now after doing my post.”
Aimee has proved to be a motivation for the rest of the people who have lost hope. So be brave and stay strong.

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