Girls Will Never Admit But They Are In Love With These Secret Things

We all believe the notion than men have more urges than women. But it is high time we stop stereotyping things as women do have their own fetishes which can actually range from oddly creepy to wildly freaky. Still the ways both the genders satiate themselves have few things in common. Women may not blatantly tell you what they desire, but they will keep on dropping hints inconspicuously for you to understand them yourself. But, in any case they are always craving for that sort of attention. This is probably the best way to get to know your female counterparts, what she desires and still wont let it come on her lips. Take a cue and add some spark to your relationship.

1. Pictures

Women and pictures! Enough said already!
But some women may want you to click their photos when you two are alone somewhere with nobody to disturb you. Some girls have accepted the fact that it makes them feel sexy.


2. Role Playing

It is not a child’s play as it is fun for adults too. Apparently, it even turns on the ladies. They might even give you hints of what they secretly desire. Just be smart enough to catch it.


3. Restraints

Playful restraints like handcuffs are a good option only till the time there is TRUST in the relationship


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