Going To Attend An Indian Wedding? No Problem! This Is What You’ll Learn.

Indians are known to celebrate every occasion and festival with fun and food. Be it ‘naam karan’ or ‘wedding’, they take the ‘grand’ word very seriously. Indian weddings are not only colorful and cheerful, but they’re stereotypical mostly (Don’t get me wrong! Read on for explanations!). Are you attending an Indian wedding or getting married in that style? Then, this is what you’ll learn probably:
1. Maths Is Never Important:
It does not matter how much budget you have or how many guests are there on your list, Indian weddings are always flooded with people. Even if you invite “only two” people per family, still they’ll love to attend this special day with the whole family!

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2. How to threaten DJ:
You can never imagine any Indian wedding without music. Ear-bursting music and some ‘Thumka-Shumka’ are what you’ll see every day (Wait, What? Every day?). Indian weddings are usually three-four days long! And you can see aunties and uncles threatening DJ to play their songs again and again (yeah, it’s fun to learn and watch that, lol).

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3. How to put up a fashion show:
You can see all the pretty girls and handsome boys dressed up in their best. Hence, you can imagine that why the bride and groom always look over-dressed (otherwise, you’ll never know whose wedding it was!). Even the uncles and aunties flaunt their lavish collection of jewellery and dresses. It’s like a personalized fashion show, right?

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