Guys Who Prove How Much Of A Difference Beard Makes- UNBELIEVABLE

Beards, why do they matter so much to a guy ? What difference does it make? Is it a unit of measuring manhood?
Wouldn’t it be great to have a yes/no answer for every thought provoking question ever raised. That’s rarely the case tough, nothing in life is black or white. We live in a grey world, hence, the answer has to be ┬ámore than a yes or no.
Not only does a beard define a man’s look there are other things measured by. It’s said that you can tell a lot about a guy by his beard. I say that’s a lie. The only thing you can tell about a beard is if it’s suiting the guy or not . Not denying the fact that beards don’t matter. But the only thing they can measure is the level of enhancement or degradation of physical appearance. You’ll be amazed to see the difference beard makes, take a look.


I’d say up to 15 years.
While most women constantly work on looking younger, most men spend their time growing beards and looking thrice their age. How will we find balance?
But seriously, why would someone want to look old whereas you can pull off looking young that too without any extra efforts.


To the one person who can’t grow beard, our sympathies. Seriously dude, we get it, suiting or not is out of question when you don’t have access to it. But don’t let all the jokes make you feel less manly or weak, just like a sheet of paper can’t decide your future, your beard can’t decide your strength.



Don’t ever shave.
In cases like these we’d say, the moment you see a razor- Run, for your entire existence in danger. If beard defines your jaw line, makes you look sexy then please don’t ever shave. Don’t forget to trim tough. It all comes down to how a beard makes you look, keeping aside the mainstream trend.


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