Hayley, Left With One Eyelash After Intensive Chemo- Fights Cancer With Rewarding Results

We have permission to use all, I have spoken to Hayley’s dad and the centre

7 Year Old Fights Cancer 
Imagine seeing an adorable 6-7-year-old. Fighting for her life every day. Fighting cancer every day. Bravely facing everything, Chemo, and Radiology. Putting up with everything Cancer comes with. Wouldn’t that break your heart? It sure would mine. We  would be heartbroken and whining in pain, even if we ourselves had to go through it, let alone a 7-year-old. But Andrew Brown stood strong. His 7-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in June after a five-centimeter tumor was found growing inside her nose.
But it did not break her or her family. They faced everything with a smile. She was told she would need to undergo 8 months of chemo and radiotherapy to fight and win against cancer and she is half way through it successfully.
As a result, Hayley lost almost all her body hair. It was extremely hard for her as well has her family member’s to see their little angel going through all that pain and suffering.


 Andrew Brown, Father of four, shared a heartbreaking picture of his little girl Hayley. The moving picture shows just one single eyelash remaining on Hayley’s eye after months of chemotherapy.

‘That one last eyelash has been hanging on, on its own, for a few weeks now,’ Andrew captioned the photo. This family is an inspiration for many. Their positive outlook towards Hayley’s illness has encouraged families of many patients to stay positive.



‘Every time I see that photo, I think “make a wish”, it’s just so moving,’ Mrs Huggins said in an interview.

Mr Brown even mentioned in an interview how Hayley’s eyelashes held on much longer than her hair. Even the hospital staff was quite supportive and would come and tell Hayley how beautiful her lashes were.