He saw his friend's Girlfriend Cheating on him, but the Worst part was yet to come!

Friends are forever… they vouch for us, they arty with us, they cry with us… they are beyond every other relationship in the world – because no matter what, you can always talk it out with your friend.
On the other hand we have all been cheated with at one point in time or the other!Be it girl friends or boy friends, there’s no categorization there ..! But what if your really close friend finds out that your girl friend has been cheating you? Can there be anything worse than that? You may say Probably yes to that question I just put up, but I may just have the thing to surprise you. Check out the conversation between two friends, out f whom one went out for the movies, and spotted the girl friend of his friend with some other guy. We don’t promise much, except that this will really tickle your bones and make you laugh!
#1. It all started when he went to the movies. The recent sequel of Star Wars had released and he definitely did not want to miss it – at all!! He was super duper excited!
#2. He suddenly noticed his friend’s girl friend with some other guy. He thought at first, they were brother and sister and that he should think it through before he judges the poor soul!
#3. But it kept getting uglier .. and hell yeah, that was no Liam and Leih Kiss! It was way too gross for anyone to indulge in, leave aside a brother and sister (so called, that is!)
#4. He decided he had to break it to his friend and decided to tell him the truth – the ugly, naked truth that was right in front of his eyes!!
#5. But in giving the important details, he spilled out a small little, teeny weeny details about the movie – Star Wars he had been out to watch… and ooooooooo there were some fire works around there!!
#6. Suddenly he realized what had just happened… he had to  gather his senses! There’s no pretending now that this DID NOT HAPPEN, because it very well DID!!!!!
#7. So that is that about the movie Star Wars, but what was he going to do about his girl friend? Was he going to kiss and make up with her, or would he break up with her???
#8. The amazing thing is that all that he is seriously concerned about is … definitely not the breaking up with his girl friend part (because she was a b**** anyway, we don’t say that, his friend said that in the messages above!)
#9. Gooood Byeeee Girl Friend!! See you never, ever, ever again!
#10. But it sure hurts to lose someone who meant so much to you.. but then that’s life Dude, isn’t it??!!
Friends, girl friends, family are all very important aspects of our life But amazingly, so are cheaters!In this case not just the girl Friend but also his friend turned out tobe a cheater, because not just that he went to the movies without him, he even let out the big surprise of the movie, spoiling the entire fun for him HAHAHAH
Has something like this ever happened with you? What did you do? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.