He started cutting into this Bottle of Sprite and You must see what happened Next

DIY is  a trend that has hit internet users across the world! There are so many categories of DIY that you can pursue almost any of them, save money and earn medals for your performance! Your free time gets utilized in the best of manners, creating a sense of satisfaction within You!
Today we at Viral Plots will share DIY Sprite Gummy Bottle Jell – O with you. So let’s begin:
The ingredients you will need are:
1 Empty bottle of Sprite Soda
8 Sachets of Gelatin
500 ml of Water
1 pack of 170 grams of Lime flavoured Jell – O
1 Saucepan
Sharp Knife
4 inches of Duct Tape
The method is very simple.
Step #1
Add 500 m l of water in the saucepan. Place it over your gas stove on  flame.
Step #2
Add the contents of the Lime flavoured Jell – O.
Step # 3
Mix the contents well, till the mix becomes a clear liquid of green colour!
Step #4
Now add all the 8 packs of gelatin, one by one. Give it a thorough mix to have a clear liquid again.
Turn off the flame.
Step #5
Empty a sprite bottle, pouring in the sprite in to a glass to be enjoyed later.
Step #6
Peel off the wrapper from the bottle. However, keep it safely as it will be used again later.
Step #7
Now use a very sharp knife to make a thin slit on the bottle from top to bottom. This gash on the bottle should be around 3 – 4 inches long. We shall explain the use of this gash later.
Step #8
Cover this gash carefully with duct tape. DO this covering tightly so that when no liquid spills out when we pour the Jell – O concoction in the sprite bottle.
Step #9
Now pour the contents from the saucepan in to the Empty Sprite Bottle. Fill in the liquid right till the top. Cover it with the bottle cap and keep it in the fridge over night to cool and set, taking the shape of the Sprite bottle.
Step #10
Peel out the duct tape, carefully insert a scissor and cut the bottle, without affecting the Jell – O. Gradually peel out the entire bottle, very very slowly, so that you do not mess up the sprite bottle shape of the Jell – O. Place the bottle cap on the top. Also, carefully paste the label on the bottle. The bottle will have completely become a clone of the actual sprite bottle. It is now ready to serve!
Here, take a look at the video for the same procedure down here:

This Jell – O in the shape of Sprite Bottle makes it an excellent DIY for several occasions like St. Patrick’s day, but you can also make it without a particular occasion also. You can also trick your friends by saying – “hey, i can slide a knife across a soda bottle” unless someone gets to know that bottle is actually a Jell – O look alike of an actual sprite bottle!
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