This store owner decides to check his security camera. What follows next will leave you in tears.

This probably is the most loved videos on social media. Watching this made me shed a river of tears and I have no shame admitting to it. What seemed to me like a social justice video in the beginning, left me with utter shock as I proceeded towards the end. The video speaks for the homeless people, and the way they are treated. Even though this is made by Thai filmmakers, the problem with how homeless people are treated is global and it concerns us all.

The short video is about store manager and the misunderstood homeless person who chose to sleep in front of his store. Even though he’s been treated like garbage by the owner, they gradually build a relationship that would seem weird for the most of us. The annoyed store owner developed a strong incognizant bond with the homeless guy, and starts missing his presence when the latter fails to show up for days… until one day, the manager decides to check his security cameras. Get your tissues ready…

Here is the video.