How To Decode The White And Yellow Lines On The Road!!

Travelling is fun, and it teaches you things that those books during school or college can never teach you. For some, travelling is fun especially when you are with a close bunch of people, while for others it may encompass solitude. I simply love to hit the road with a bunch of people who have a mutual sense of caring for one another.
Now since we are talking about travelling, it is also equally important to travel safely. Nobody would want to go to a new place and end up bashed up by the road traffic, or would you? Especially when hitting the road is concerned, the road itself gives off message which is very important to understand.
If you do not understand what the road wants to tell you, you will probably end up hurting yourself and endangering other people’s lives as well. These messages are given by the white or yellow solid or broken lines drawn on the road. You may have noticed these often but ignored them forthright.
I will make your job easier and decode the messages given by these markings. You will then just have to follow what they mean the next time you find one during your journey. So let us begin.

1. Broken White Line

Broken white line (or called as dotted line) means that you may change the lane if it is safe to do so.