How To Reduce Cellulite By Natural Methods

No one likes having excess fat. Cellulite is an unwanted thing and we would all love to get rid of it. That being said, it is not easy to get rid of cellulite.

1 – What is cellulite?


Cellulite is fat cells that float freely. They are deposited just below the skin. The common regions are thighs, around the butts and stomach.

2 – A common problem:


Cellulite has become a common problem these days.

3 – Reasons for its productions:

Big hamburger with French fries

These include an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise and fatty diet. It is more common in obese people, although slim ones can have cellulite, too. In women, estrogen and progesterone further lead to cellulite production.

4 – Removing cellulite:


It affects more than 85% women. Once cellulite appears, it is important to take immediate action as the situation will only get worse with time.

Methods to remove cellulite

There are various methods, some of which are discussed below

5 – Dry brushing:


This can improve circulation, remove toxins and reduce fats. Go for a brush that has natural fibers in its bristles. Start brushing from the lower end of the body, i.e. the feet. Move upwards till you reach the stomach, where you should brush in an anti-clockwise fashion. Then brush from the arms towards the chest.

Dry brush before a shower, for five minutes each day.

6 – Coffee scrub:


Mix quarter cup of course coffee grounds with 3 tbsp. each of sugar and coconut oil. Massage this mixture for 8-10 minutes in cellulite affected areas, four to five times per week.

4 – Apple cider vinegar:


This mixed with coconut oil works as a great scrub for reducing cellulite.

8 – Apple cider vinegar with honey:


Mix 3 tbsp ASV, one cup warm milk and 1 tbsp honey. Massage into skin, leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

9 – Drinking this mixture:


You can also drink this mixture every morning, before you eat anything. This will help to reduce cellulite.

10 – Coffee mask:


Heat 1 cup coffee grounds with 2 tbsp of olive oil, in a microwave oven for half a minute. Apply to skin, cover with plastic wrap and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then, wash off with warm water.

11 – Change in lifestyle:


With all these methods, it is also important to eat healthy and exercise regularly.