These Images Of Abandoned Places Will Make You Relive Their Story!

An image speaks a thousand words. But these images do much more than that. They have the power to enchant you and make you relive their story. Australian photographer, Scott McCarten, captures images of abandoned run-down places. But the work of this amateur photographer cum property manager will give you a feast for your eyes.

Images That Scream

*All images have been taken from Autopsy Of Adelaide Photography Facebook page*

It is hard not to imagine how fascinating the lives of the people living here would be!

An old car garage or an out of use amusement park or a run down factory, these are the settings of Scott’s photography in South Australia.
He started his Facebook page, Autopsy of Adelaide Photography, three years ago to showcase the photos he took of abandoned houses, hospitals, churches and factories he found on his urban exploring adventures.
Forgotten Treasures- Things that were dear to their owners once, now gather dust

What makes his photography so unique is his style. He captures images of things that are well past their glory years, but yet have tails to tell of their own.
These places have a haunting beauty about them. Even though they appear mundane, what they signify is much deeper.
“Midnight Rendezvous: An abandoned farming property in the Adelaide Hills at midnight under a full moon.”

His penchant for exploring the forgotten allows him to capture an extremely engaging sight. One can not help but wonder about the scenes that one took place in these amazing sites!
What was it like to be here? How busy was this kitchen when in its glory days? Questions that remain unanswered!

An out of use kitchen, an abandoned hospital, a long forgotten rail-track- his images have an allure that his hard to resist. And it’s so easy to to connect to these because Scott himself felt connected to these.
The Death Of Innocence: Photos of Fairyland, an out of use themed park!

The 43-year-old said he loved to take images of these ruined buildings because he felt a connection with the people who once occupied these spaces.

‘These were places once filled with people working or living and once you go into a place that has been left like that – not restored or demolished – you sort of feel a connection with people who were there before,’ he said.


A Simca Aronde in an abandoned car yard where 1,000 pre-1970 cars were sitting in country South Australia

The Silence That Looms In This Abandoned Industrial Complex is Deafening, Screaming About Its Glory!

‘What was their life like and what happened? Particularly with houses. One of the houses in the Adelaide Hills had a Christmas tree still up. What happened to the people?’ 

McCarten said the bigger industrial sites were the buildings that struck a chord with him.

Redundancy Personified! An Industrial Site That Was Probably A Major Hub In Its Peak!

‘I’ve been blown away by the scale of these places and the story that’s been left behind,’ he said.’ The Gallerie shopping arcade in Adelaide which has basically been abandoned for 20 years and it takes up a city block and five storeys high.

Abandoned Larundel Lunatic Asylum in Melbourne. The graffiti on the walls reflects strongly on the people that inhabited this place!

‘How does a building of that scale stand there for 20 years? Is it the changing face of retail, particularly when you have people sleeping outside like that – how does that happened? It’s quite sad really.’

What kinda hurry would this family be in if they even forgot to take their Christmas tree with them!

Abandoned Machinery, Waiting To Squeak Once Again, Remembering The Good Old Days!

McCarten said each place he visited held a part of rich history.

‘It’s that connection with history. It’s not a building that has been built up or restored. It’s about preserving history, it’s a bit more raw,’ he said.’It’s about connecting with those stories, that’s what fascinates me about it.’

Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Burnt, Yet Unmistakably Glorious!

His images have a sense of grandeur related to them. They are so easily and comfortably engrossing. These images are a treat to one’s senses. The beauty, even though not conventional, is unmistakably shocking! Kudos to you Scott!

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