What would happen if Humans didn't have Bones?

What would happen if humans didn’t have bones? You’d be floppy, like a bean bag. Could you stand up? Could you walk? The answer is NO. Without bones you’d just be a puddle of skin and guts on the floor.
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Skeletons are very intriguing, they have been portrayed as creepy and scary but they are not really scary, in fact, they are helpful to humans and animals.
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A skeleton is a rigid framework without which none of our other body parts would stay in place. If we didn’t have a skeleton under our skin protecting our organs we would just be a lump of jelly on the ground. One may think are the bones alive? Absolutely. They are mostly made of collagen which is a growing tissue.
Callogen is protein that provides a soft framework and calcium phosphate is a mineral that adds strength and hardens the framework. This combination of collagen and calcium makes bones and flexible enough to withstand stress like cells in out body bone cells rely on to keep them alive.
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It helps them bring some food and oxygen and takes away waste.
How many bones does a human body have? When you were born you had over 300 bones. As you grow some of these bones began to fuse together as a result an adult with 206 bones.
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Bone marrow are hollow and their hollowness makes the bones strong and light. Its in the center of many bones that bone marrow makes new red and white blood cells. Red blood cells ensure that the oxygen is distributed to all parts of the body and white blood cells ensure that you are able to fight germs and disease.
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The largest bone is the pelvis or the hip bone. In fact, it is made by six bones joined firmly together.
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