*A lot can happen over a cup of coffee* Here are some of the amazing coffee facts to kick start your day !!

Each of us has a different way of starting our day, however, the interesting fact is most of us share the same way! Well, it is not surprising that sitting in different corners of the world even without knowing each other in any possible way we start our days in same way ♥
Yes, we start our day the same way, and while most of you might have already guessed it; for those who are still wondering what am talking about; Yes, I am talking about our very own personalised, customised, morning special and with many more adjectives before it; ‘the first mug of coffee’!
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80% of the world’s population consume it daily. Whoa! A great number, isn’t it?
For all the coffee lovers out there here are 10 facts about your favourite drink you probably never knew!!
#1 Coffee beans are actually seeds of the coffee fruit or coffee berries and are called coffee beans due to their resemblance to the shape of beans. So, you were drinking fruit each time you ordered yourself those lattes!
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#2 The worth of coffee was first realised by the Ethiopian shepherds when they saw their goats going crazy and dancing after eating coffee berries.
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#3 Coffee is the second-most-traded commodity in the world! Now that’s big. We contribute quite a bit to the world’s economy.

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#4 Instant Coffee was not discovered by George Washington! Well, yes it was not ‘the George Washington’, but a Belgian man sharing the same name and living in Guatemala in 1906.
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#5 There has been a total of five attempts till date to ban coffee throughout the history! Vho-ho-ho, aint’saw that coming, ya?! Drinking coffee was proclaimed as “illegal” back then!
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Well, that is quite a number; No? Well, thank God, we surpassed it!
Here are few of those amazing facts for all those healthy wealthy and wise people out there!
#6 Coffee helps you prevent Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Type 2 Diabetes as well! So, next time while someone questions on your drooling over your cup of coffee, remember it is also beneficial for health!
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#7 Here comes the other one! Coffee helps you burn that little extra amount of fat leading to a better performance while you work out!
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#8 Coffee is proved to be good for your liver too.  So? What are you waiting for? Go, grab that extra cup. It will balance the damage caused by the booze!! 
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#9 Getting deeper, where do we get this amazing thing from? Well, all of the world’s coffee is grown from the area known as the coffee belt!
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#10 Last but, not the least coffee provides important nutrients we need to survive!
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So, go ahead and share these amazing facts with your friends over that extra mug of coffee, you never know, your that one friend might find it interesting and look for more such coffee breaks with you !!!