Innocent Kids and Embarrassed Parents :P

Having children and dealing with them is a great task to do. They can through tantrums, act disrespectful or do some crazy things which may make you struggle with embarrassment in public. For instance, if your child is crying out loud in a mall and you are not able to handle him/her (which happens always apparently :P) and then you find other people walking by and judging you or thinking that how bad parent you are and you feel really embarrassed!
This was just a short instance, following are some of the situations where kids leave their parents embarrassed in public:
1. Making A Mess Of Their Own
Kids become annoying after reaching a certain age. Those who have been through parenthood or even our parents know how annoying we use to be! When there is a family gathering it is very necessary to take care of your kids, as they can turn anything into a mess; be it food, paints or even makeup! Nothing is free from these tiny, mischievous hands.dont-give-up_800x401
2. Blow Out Candles Of Someone Else’s Cake
Most hilarious embarrassment parents face is when you go to attend someone’s birthday party and your kids in their innocence blow the candle of the cake! Well, I must tell you, these kids look innocent but have a lot of mischievous thoughts going inside their little tiny brain. They just keep on looking for different moments to do something which they also know is inappropriate. And due to their small size and innocence on their face, they get rid of all bad doings! Although all are not so blessed because elder sibling is always blamed of bad doings by these kids.


3. Streaking
Streaking is again a shame full and embarrassing activity performed by the kids. I don’t understand how they have such a good hearing power that even if they are in the last room of the house, they hear the ringing door bell and run so fast towards the gate to open the door, due to which sometimes they don’t even bother to put their clothes on and then “congratulations- embarrassment achieved”. So always remember never let your kids run naked inside the house. If they are not willing to wear clothes make sure they are at least wearing their underpants, which can save you a bit from embarrassment.


4. Being “SATYAWADI” (Honest And Frank)
Being honest is something parents teach since their child’s birth. Well, this can sometimes turn out to be very dangerous. They may tell everything in their innocence and would not feel awkward as obviously they don’t know about the consequences, but this behaviour of your kid will leave you embarrassed in certain situations. For example, they may tell his/her grandparents about not liking the gift which they gave him/her as their birthday present.


5. Doing Show-Off Of Their Vocabulary
As we all know that kids are great learners but this trait may sometimes become the cause of embarrassment. They may learn words from different places and would show-off their new learning in front of others. Few inappropriate words may lead to a pyramid of embarrassment whereas good vocabulary may lead to a great appreciation of your teaching. So always be careful about what you are speaking in front of your highly intelligent kids.


Though kids are quirky, moody, mischievous and annoying sometimes but still we cannot live without them! They add happiness to our lives in naughty ways.