Instagram Beauty Reveals The Truth Behind The Perfect Pics In A Series Of Honest Pics!

Perfection and imperfection have always been the concern pf people, especially today, where your exterior holds the power to define your identity. And this has gone way deep with the advent of social media. So, getting anything except that perfect shot is not an option. But even if you don’t own any professional camera or probably suck at photography, don’t worry, the technological wizard is always there to rescue you. It will wave its magic wand and your work is done like enhancing your natural self and making you appear fit as per the set “beauty standards”.
With endless applications and software available, the job to erase any or all of your perceived flaws is just a few clicks and swipes away. However, you should never bow down to what others say or feel, rather you should embrace and take pride in yourself the way you are. Likewise, a psychologist by profession and a fitness freak explained this difference in a way that made us believe you must accept your imperfection with perfection.

The 28-year-old, Stacey Lee, has become a popular Instagrammer for her inspiring fitness posts.

But when she discovered an app about eight months ago, she was left in complete shock.¬†With a finger flick here and there, Stacey’s arms were smaller, her butt was bigger, and her cellulite had disappeared and she felt more horrible about herself.


So, she came up with an alternative to use her account as a platform to show women how easy it is to alter photos and how damaging they can be to mental health.

Stacey posted her photo-shopped images on Instagram while they’re standing side-by-side the original, unaltered image to clearly reflect the difference. They are all part of her mission to motivate people for body confidence, self-love, and show them the reality behind those #fitspo posts.


As per the psychiatrist, her own fitness journey had begun for the wrong reasons.

As a teen she had always been pretty down on herself, constantly comparing her body to her friends. She said, “I never had a good body image of myself and it affected my self-esteem and confidence.” She further admitted, “I started to go to the gym when I was 17 or 18 but for the wrong reasons, doing cardio and trying to get as skinny as possible.”


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