Instincts of Being A Superhero: 10 Superheroes every human would imagine to be

Being a superhero has been a fantasy of each and every child since they are in their mother’s womb, which is apparently really early . Well, these superheroes are actually created to make children busy. Fantasy to be a superhero is not just restricted to children, even adults love to be called as superheroes and desire to have powers like superheroes have! Here are top 10 superheroes which you would have desired to be at some point in your life.
1. Batman
People who want to manage a lot of superpowers desires to be a batman! It is simply because he doesn’t need any super powers to fight crime and to always remain as awesome as he is. Well, I must tell you superman also look very handsome in his so-called superman attire. For instance, why would a human like batman fight crime? Simple! Because, he is a badass with a unique mind in this world and we doubt that anyone could beat him.
2. Spiderman
The one’s who have had a rough life in beginning and had always been a geek with a very few friends admires this Superhero. Although he may not be the strongest amongst all the superheroes, but he is surely the coolest and entertaining superhero with that power of creating spider web through hands.
3. Superman
In my opinion superman is the coolest superhero  with all qualities . The main concern of people who want to be a superman is to create a balance on earth which anyways cannot be done by any superpower !
4. Iron Man
The easy going, coolest and the one who don’t like to follow anyone else’s rules is the great Iron man. Tony is also a genius. But instead of his intelligence, I love his suit, cool attitude and especially his love for his secretary. So if you want a loving secretary, start being Tony stark . He can also be indicated as the best avenger.
5. Wolverine
The one’s who love violent superheroes always desire to be the wolverine. Wolverine with his adamantium claws which are apparently stronger than metal, so beware! If this would happen in reality there would be no need of hospitals and doctors i.e. cost efficient factor . Also, the best feature of wolverine is that he can chop his dinner with his fingers.
6. Captain America
Captain America has been loved by the ones who love to read comics. The funniest thing about Captain America is that whatever be the case his shield won’t break! Even if the earthquake comes nothing would happen to his shield.
7. Hulk
A combination of hero and villain is the green coloured masculine hulk. The best part of hulk is that he can smash anything. So the one’s who want to smash everything they hate, love to be hulk. His only and major problem is that he doesn’t have tact.
 8. Thor
Thor personally is very handsome with all powerful body with his great hammer. His great hammer which only he can pick. So, basically Thor is a god as he is as strong as hulk, has a heart of Captain America, fighting skills of the black panther. He is all in one.
9. Flash
The lovers of speed always desire to be flash. As he is faster than the speed of light which cannot happen in real life apparently, he can also travel through time.
10. The Green Lantern
First of all, there are a lot of green lanterns out there. But here we are referring to Hal Jordan who has mighty power ring which can generate a whole lot of powers which seems very mesmerising to kids.