Irritating Habits That You Must Not Do In Public. #10 Is Super Annoying

The reason why certain places are called public is because they are always crowded with the public. You can find people from all walks of life in those places. Some annoying, some well-mannered, some fed up with their lives and some full of life. However the places being the public property belongs to a large population and not to any individual person. So you must take care of the manner in which you conduct yourself, especially in public.

There are certain habits that are unacceptable publicly. Sometimes even you feel the ire to go and say stop, to those behaving in an upsetting manner.  So check out some of the irritating habits that you must know and avoid in public places. As sometimes you too can be a reason for someone’s irritation.

#1. Pricking your Nose



This deserved the top spot as it seems too annoying to be in sight of a person digging into their nose constantly. Not to prick your nose is one habit that you are taught from Kindergarten. But some people do it and even enjoy it. This silly habit is the worst because it is not only unhealthy but also against the social etiquette.

#2. Chewing with the mouth open



As frustrating as this sounds, it is even more annoying to witness someone chewing their food with the mouth open. It is for a reason when people say that you must avoid talking while eating your food. But some people fail to understand that. The swaggering noises and sometimes even the food coming out of the mouth makes it a pretty disgusting habit.

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