These Japanese did this with a Hen's Egg and the Results will Blow your Mind!!

You must have heard the common question – what came first, the chicken or the egg??
No No , we are not going to answer that today, but we have something even more interesting to share with our patrons!
A group of school students (yeah, SCHOOL KIDS) performed an experiment on a chicken’s egg, where they were able to successfully hatch it without it’s shell! This one of it’s kind experiment is the first attempt to hatch a chick outside it’s shell and guess what – they beautifully succeeded in their experiment.
The actual procedure of the experiment seems very simple!
ChickEgg_web_1024 chicken-embryo-no-shell
They took a sheet of clear plastic wrap and put it in an apparatus to stretch it, in order to make the film even thinner – making sure that it does not have any tears. The high-schoolers then placed it upon a plastic cup. They carefully dropped open a fertilized chicken egg in it and again covered it with a plastic film.