This guy walks into a lion's case. What happens after that will get your eyes on stalks.

The man and the beast never walk together hand in hand, or so you thought until you’ve watched this video. Walking into a lion’s cage, unprotected, is something a sane person would never do unless he wants to get himself killed. Humans don’t prey predators, for obvious reasons— you are nothing but a bag of meat to those carnivorous beings who would jump at you and rip you apart the very moment you step danger close. Of course, unless you have a history of affectionate bond with the carnivore, and given that the animal remembers you.

Two men open the gate of a lion’s cage, and a guy walks right in. The lion instantly bounces at the intruder, which is pretty much expected. But what happens next is something you couldn’t have imagined. The fact of the matter is that the guy helped raise the lion since it was a little cub. Even though they haven’t seen each other for quite some time, but when Kiara saw the guy, it immediately recognized its ‘daddy’ and transformed into a little kitten to be petted, from a ferocious predator that as a matter of fact it is.

It goes without saying that you should never try what you are about to watch in the video.