Learn How To Love – And Not Resent – Your Partner

Resentment is something that can totally destroy a relationship. A couple may be strongly in love when they start courting but little things can start piling up until one day, one partner realizes that they just do not love the other one anymore.
1 – Learn what the other one likes:
Get to know their likes and dislikes. If you always assume your partner just loves whatever you do, eventually they will start resenting you.
2 – Learn to communicate:
You may love talking while your partner is the silent type. In any case, learn how your partner communicates and talk to them accordingly. When you start clamming up about issues, that is when problems start.
3 – Understand how the other fights:
Some people want to resolve an issue immediately. Others like waiting a while before they talk about a problem. You and your partner must learn how to adapt to the other one’s fighting style. Otherwise one partner will always feel wronged.
4 – Do what the other likes:
Once in a while, it pays to support your partner by doing what they love, even if you don’t like it yourself.
5 – Discuss everything:
If something about your partner bothers you, do let them know. Talking about everything, big or small, is very important to avoid resentment.
6 – Make big decisions together:
Anything that affects you both in big ways, like having kids, changing jobs or choosing a place to live, should be decided together. Make sure you are both on the same page and one of you is not over-ruling the other.
7 – Support and encourage each other:
If your partner has a goal, you should support them in following it. Encourage each other in your hopes and dreams.
8 – Make sure you are good friends:
If you want to spend your life with someone, you need to be friends. You should enjoy with each other and have fun when you are together.
9 – Give importance to your partner:
Make them a priority in your life and always give importance to their wants and needs.
10 – Remain faithful:
Even if things get tough, remain faithful to your partner. Betrayal is something which causes loss of trust, and that can never be repaired.