10 “lessons of life” you can learn from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani!!

Once in a lifetime, there comes a movie that leaves imprints on our minds and hearts forever. One was “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” , a youth-centric picturization and a treat for eyes. Though it has been few years since it was released but  I am sure still when you see it,  you would always be ready for a “once more” because you can never get enough of it. The movie travelled through the roads of friendship, love, career and marriage. We present you some hidden learnings from the movie:-

1. There are some friends in life that are for lifetime

No matter how far you are from each other , they will talk to you like there was no separation. They will always stand by your side and would have been your partner in crime in every evil deed. They will easily forgive for all your wrong things and make things normal again . Not to forget these “Best Friends” make your wedding time go all happy happy because your every little celebration is incomplete without your best buddies .

2. It is not necessary that your love for someone may always  be revertible

It is not always necessary that you get what you want . There are times in life when you love someone and your feelings are not respected. In such a case moving on is a better option because you never know what future might have stored in for you . Like Aditi in Yeh Jawani hai Deewani had her perfect loving prince charming Taran. So, let go people in life because those who are meant to stay in your life will surely come back and therefore learn to tackle with heartbreaks , they give you pains and lessons both.

3. Sometimes Impulsive decisions are the best

Yes sometimes overthinking might make your decisions weak . So sometimes in life listen to your heart and make quick decision because sometimes you need to take a break from boring life and discover things in the wildest ways.
4. Your parents love is eternal

Wherever you go , whatever you become, your parents love for you will remain eternal . They will always care for you like four years one . They will do anything to make you happy . So, spend as much as possible with your family because you never know when these precious moments may end.

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover

One need not to always drink , party ,smoke and flirt to show that they are cool . Surprises may come out from unexpected people.

6. There are moments in life that change it forever

Once in a lifetime your life becomes a fairytale , there are moments which gives you lessons and give your life a U-turn . These life changing experiences teaches you a lot, so cherish them .

7. A time comes when you need to act mature in life

There are times when things are not under your control and things change for a betterment . This is a time when you need to actually act maturely and accept these changes. This process is called “Growing Up”.

8. A true passion has nothing to do with academics

If you are not good in academics still you can have a good and bright future . Just follow your heart and see what path it takes you down. A true passion can give you a life worth living for. We all want that one dream job in life that defines our goals and completes us .

9. True love is patient and unconditional

When you love someone , you don’t complain rather you accept them for what they are . True love wants nothing in return and hence it is hard to find people who love you unconditionally and patiently wait for it.

10. Only satisfaction can lead you to true happiness

You cannot have everything and anything in life . Sometimes it is better to stay satisfied and happy with whatever you have . Because greed has no limits . Learn to appreciate what you have in life .