This guy walks into a lion's cage and picks up the cub. The lioness does this to him.


Brace yourself as you are just about to witness something totally out of this world. Anything this guy does in this video falls into the “never try this at home” category; something which I won’t recommend even to the most experienced animal handlers. Walking into a lion’s cage itself is an extremely foolhardy act, left alone what the guy does.

We all know how protective animals get when it comes to taking care of their young ones. Even something as harmless as a hen turns into a vicious scavenger when it is about protecting her chicks; I have seen it. No matter how cute the animal offspring looks, you should never try to catch hold of them as every attempt to interact with them is pretty much considered a threat by their parents.

Well, this guy seems to have left all conventions far behind. What he does will blow you totally out of your mind. He dares to pick up a tiny lion cub right in front of its mom after walking into a lion’s cage. A total nut-case is what you would think about him, right? Or you must be guessing that he is dead-meat already, no? The answer is NO. He is alive, safe and sound. And the most surprising part of the entire ordeal is not only did the lioness not mind, she does something even more.

This dude is a real lion whisperer!

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