Little Nate cries hysterically standing at the backyard. When mom approaches him… it's shocking!

It was just another ordinary day and things were going as usual when the parents of this little kid heard him screaming at the top of his lungs from the far end of the backyard. Was he bitten by a snake? He wasn’t moving from where he stood. Did he step on something sharp? Could be anything… Little Nate was crying so hysterically that even the dog got alerted.

Nate’s mom, who knew it better, grabbed her phone and went to inspect what the commotion was all about. Her doubts became all the more clear when she approached the little boy who seemed to have stepped in doggie doo-doo… barefoot.

Well, we do know that feeling, kiddo. As if stepping on dog poop weren’t bad enough, you managed to do it barefoot. This is a universally hated thing, and we don’t blame you for all the tantrums you have thrown. It is the dog who is to blame, not you. That evil dog sitting in the porch, acting all innocent is the culprit here… We totally agree to you, Nate. We all hate that bitch for whatever she’s done.

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