Love going to the Movies? This is how you can choose the best seats in a Movie Hall.

With a large number of movies being released every year, lots of tickets are booked online, just in order to chose the seats of your choice. What eventually kills the entire fun of the movie is availing tickets from the movie theater counter that no one really chose for. Left, right, middle, top, back, no matter what row of seats you prefer, if you do not get them, the entire experience of viewing a movie in the theatre is ruined.
but did you know there’s a certain science behind choosing the most appropriate seat in order to have the best cinematic experience in the theatre? let us come to your aid here!
Since the advent of theatres, their structures and the science involved in them has changed a lot. Initially, theatre seats were arranged in a pyramidal with the front ones being low and the last row being on a the higher side of the pyramid, with each row at a rise of about 15 degrees. But with new theatre set ups and multiplex cultures making their way in to every theatre, these rows are now arranged n a stair case level, instead of straight incline, to enhance the viewing capacity of the audience.
So how do we decide which are the best seats?
1. The Front Set of seats
The front seats are always the last one’s to fill up. Thats simply because the seating area in the front makes the viewing of the movie a very uncomfortable experience. Viewing from the front row makes your head turn in a certain angle, that causes neck pain and strain for a very long time, even after viewing the movie is over.
2. The Back Set of Seats
The most popular set of seats is the back seat. It is assumed that they give the  best of view and are most comfortable, but with recent changes in theatre strictures, that may have turned out to be a false statement. With people sitting just on the back rows of the theatre, watching people come and go to the restrooms, or for snacks, etc can make viewing the movie a very irritating task.
Theatre Seating Back Middle