A Loyal Cat Couldn't Get Over her Owner's Death, Spent The Whole Year Lying On her Grave

Heartbroken Cat, Visits Owner’s Grave Everyday

Cats are generally known as the royal creatures. They are graceful and poised and are known for throwing tantrums to their owners. Well, that is actually true to some extent. But there is also another side to them which is far too less talked about. The softer and the more caring one. Where they cuddle up next to their human and purrs with affection. Where they protect and play with their humans. The loyal and the loving side of these graceful feline’s.


One of those loving cats is found in Indonesia. She has been visiting her owner’s grave for more than a year now and is still seen there almost every day. The cat was extremely heartbroken and was first heard crying on her grave in Central Java, Indonesia. Ever since that day the poor feline is seen there every day without a miss and wouldn’t leave even after constant efforts.

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